Case study 1: Streamlining operative training with a bespoke LMS 

Client: DPI 

Following delivery and completion of two mandatory courses, we transitioned to the programme’s practical application phase. Here, the focus shifted to ensuring the client’s team maintains their expertise through continuous professional development (CPD) activities, guaranteeing their knowledge remains current and compliant, with a goal of 100% completion rate. 

We needed to design a programme with minimal barriers-to-entry, making learning simple and easy to digest. To demonstrate competency, the solution needed to be measurable, keeping learners accountable by tracking progress and course completion.  

Following an in-depth discovery, we pinpointed the specific training courses most relevant to the learners’ roles. We delivered a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) that utilised a spaced repetition format for course delivery, removing any barriers to learning. The LMS itself boasted a user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility, further enhancing accessibility for learners on the go. By launching a new training module every Monday at 8:30am, learners received the latest content in manageable chunks, allowing them to easily complete the training at their own pace. 

The LMS offered comprehensive reporting functionality, including completion rates. This data enabled us to monitor learner progress regularly and send gentle reminders to those who hadn’t yet completed the course, ensuring a high completion rate. 

The client expressed immense satisfaction with the new system. The new programme of weekly course delivery led to several key benefits:  

  • Record of CPD
  • Increased accountability 
  • Competency tracking
  • Increased efficiency


The client’s positive experience highlighted the benefits easily digested training. Impressed with the results, they are now considering extending this system to other departments within their business.