ReAkta Auto HD 25mm Blade / Red


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Heavy duty ‘auto retract’ version of the ReAkta utility knife with aluminium blade carrier and carbon blade.  Blade will not lock in the ‘out’ position and will retract unless being used.  Once you have punctured into the material, you may let go of the lever and the blade will stay out whilst cutting, once finished, the blade will automatically retract back in.  The lock switch on the ReAkta allows the blade to be locked into the knife but if an attempt is made to lock the blade in the out position the blade will retract back into the knife.

  • Aluminium blade carrier
  • Moulded in a tough glassed filled nylon plastic
  • Reversible and replaceable blades
  • Easy blade change and cleaning procedure
  • For use with materials such as plasterboard, carpet, lino, rubber, cable, card and general construction industry use